Materials / Product Info

Printed Whiteboard all our boards are premium magnetic whiteboards, with a pen tray supplied.

Double-sided boards are also available on request - to inquire about this, please call 01625 560 780.


Whiteboard Skin are available for existing boards. These are printed vinyl sheets that can be applied to your existing board. To help with the application for this, we also offer a whiteboard skinning kit which includes all items needed to complete the application process.


ACM - Aluminium Composite Material. This material is great for outdoor use, and within factories. Needs to be fixed to a wall using screws or rivets.


Foamex - a lightweight material, ideal for indoor use and offices. Can be applied to a wall using double sided tape.


Magnetic Window - these windows are made up of plastic and magnetic tape. They are hinged to allow to easily place and remove paper documents whilst they are still attached to the board.