What is the difference between a 'Printed Whiteboard' and 'Whiteboard Skin ONLY'?

Printed Whiteboard - is a Premium Magnetic Whiteboard supplied with the design pre-applied to the board.

Whiteboard Skin ONLY - the whiteboard skin can be applied to an existing whiteboard, or used as a replacement. To help with the application for this, we also offer a whiteboard skinning kit which includes all items needed to complete the application process.

These skins are also 50mm smaller than the stated board size e.g. 1200 x 900mm board would be a 1150 x 850mm skin.


Do the 5s Cleaning Station Boards include the tools?

Yes, all of these boards come equip with tools as a complete product.


Can I have my own design applied to a whiteboard?

Yes. If you would like to contact us on 01625 560 780 or email info@v-m-t.co.uk with your required design.

If you contact us directly we can also arrange to add your personal logo onto the boards if you require this.


I have an idea for a design, but need some help finalising it, could you help?

Yes. We can help with design work if you require some additional advice.

Please get in contact with us on 01625 560 780 and someone will be happy to help!


How long will my order take to be delivered?

Standard lead times for all products are 5-10 workings days.


Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Yes. We can certainly look at an applied discount for multiple items. Please contact us directly on 01625 560 780.


What do I clean my board with?

There is a whiteboard cleaning spray on the accessories page we recommend and use ourselves for cleaning the board well.


Does my whiteboard come with a pen?

We supply all boards with one black Staedtler pen. If you require more of these, you can find them on the accessories page.